Keynote Speakers

2020 5th International Conference on Intelligent Information Technology (ICIIT 2020) aims to gather professors, researchers, scholars and industrial pioneers all over the world. ICIIT is the premier forum for the presentation and exchange of past experiences and new advances and research results in the field of theoretical and industrial experience. The conference welcomes contributions which promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between educators and researchers all over the world. We aim to building an idea-trading platform for the purpose of encouraging researcher participating in this event. ICIIT 2020 is welcome qualified persons to delivery a speech in the related fields. If you are interested, please send a brief CV with photo to the conference email box:

Prof. Ford Lumban Gaol

Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia

Dr Ford Lumban Gaol is currently Professor of Informatics Engineering and Information System, Bina Nusantara University. He is the Chair of Bina Nusantara University Doctorate Program in Computer Science and Research Interest Group Leader “Advance System in Computational Intelligence & Knowledge Engineering “(IntelSys). Dr Ford is the Vice Chair of IEEE Indonesia section on the period of 2013 – 2016. He is the Director of Region Office Ford Lumban Gaol, Ph.D., Co-Chair, IIAI Southeast Region (Indonesia Office) Dr Ford was the ACM Indonesia Chapter Chair on year 2012. Dr Ford already involved with some project relate with Technology Alignment in some of multinational companies as well as some government projects. For International highliht, Dr Ford is the recipient of Visiting Professor in Kazan Federal Universty, Russia 2014 and 2015, Visiting Professor in Vladimir State University, Russia 2016, Visiting Professor in Financial State University 2017 and Southern Federal University, Russia 2018. He also Visiting Researcher in Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan 2018 and 2019. He was Invited Scholar in Aligarh Muslim University, keynote speaker in ICCNT 2014 and Invited Scholar in ICTP Trieste Italy. He has 164 papers that indexed in SCOPUS and 12 books that published by Springer-Verlag German. He was General Chairs or Co-Chairs for some International conferences and IEEE conferences including ACIIDS, Tensymp and Tencon. Dr Ford is member of Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS), The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Professional, The International Association of Engineers (IAENG), and the Indonesia Society for Bioinformatics. He held the B.Sc. in Mathematics, Master of Computer Science, and the Doctor in Computer Science from the University of Indonesia, Indonesia in 1997, 2001 and 2009, respectively.

Speech Title :"The Infusion of Socioinformatics on the Social Learning"

Abstract: On this talk, I will review and explore the Socioinformatics on the Social Learning on the pedagogical considerations of Social Learning to consider the e-learning enterprise as a whole. The talk also discuss the relevance and importance of applying a social informatics perspective to Social Learning. I am also will present a framework for exploring the multiple inputs and outputs relating to Social Learning. The end of the talk will discuss some of these inputs and outputs, as well as some wider impacts.

Prof. Zuriati Ahmad Zukarnain

Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof. Zuriati Ahmad Zukarnain is a Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and information Technology, University Putra Malaysia. She is the Deputy of Dean at the Faculty of Computer Science and information Technology, University Putra Malaysia. She received her PhD in the area of Quantum Computing from the University of Bradford, UK in 2006. Prof. Zuriati is one of the Malaysian Quantum Computing expert and Network Security expert. Her research interests include: Developing Cashless Payment System based on Blockchain Technology, Efficient multiparty QKD protocol for classical network and Quantum Protocol for Quantum Communication. Prof. Zuriati has been awarded as a Distinguished Woman In Computer Science at 4th Venus International Women Awards(VIWA) 2019. She has developed a blockchain-based cashless payment system, known as ‘Zchain4U’ that could be one of solution to a save transaction of any cryptocurrency in Malaysia. Prof. Zuriati also produced a book entitled as ‘Bitcoin’ that has been published in March 2018. She is actively conducting various of talks and workshops to educate the people on the cyber security threats and cyber security. She has been invited to educate users and being broadcasted life on TV3, TV9 and Astro Awani, the television broadcast of Malaysia.

Speech Title :"The Effect of Blockchain in Traceability and Authentication of the Food Product"

Abstract: When competition among companies are emerging into competition between supply chains in order to survive and grow indeed, it is important to provide added value to customers. Traceability has emerged as one of the main operational efficiency initiatives within supply chains and customer service in the end. Over the years, various approaches have been deployed by organizations to provide food traceability. This research explores potential methods of food traceability currently in existence and proposed a prototype using blockchain and product identifiers to implement more reliable food traceability. The prototype extracts data classifies it and eventually uses food quality index (FQI) algorithm to produce FQI value from different stakeholders across the food supply chain. The FQI value helps to decide if the food is good for consumption on specified parameters. The FQI value is generated on the basis of existing standard storage and handling regulations specified by food safety authorities and checks whether the resulting value is within the allowed range. The prototype helps to determine the quality of food for human consumption as well as strengthening the traceability of food product.

Prof. Anand Nayyar

Duy Tan University, Vietnam

Dr. Anand Nayyar received Ph.D (Computer Science) from Desh Bhagat University in 2017 in the area of Wireless Sensor Networks. He is currently working in Graduate School, Duy Tan University, Da Nang, Vietnam. A Certified Professional with 75+ Professional certificates from CISCO, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Beingcert, EXIN, GAQM, Cyberoam and many more. Published more than 250 Research Papers in various National & International Conferences, International Journals (Scopus/SCI/SCIE/SSCI Indexed). Member of more than 50+ Associations as Senior and Life Member and also acting as ACM Distinguished Speaker. Associated with more than 400 International Conferences as Programme Committee/Advisory Board/Review Board member. Currently working in the area of Wireless Sensor Networks, MANETS, Swarm Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cyber Security, Network Simulation, Wireless Communications and many more.

Speech Title :"Industry 4.0: Transforming Industries and Digital Revolution"

Abstract: Industry 4.0 leads to the digitalization era. Everything is digital; business models, environments, production systems, machines, operators, products and services. It’s all interconnected inside the digital scene with the corresponding virtual representation. The physical flows will be mapped on digital platforms in a continuous manner. On a higher level of automation, many systems and software are enabling factory communications with the latest trends of information and communication technologies leading to the state-of-the-art factory, not only inside but also outside factory, achieving all elements of the value chain on a real-time engagement. Everything is smart. This disruptive impact on manufacturing companies will allow the smart manufacturing ecosystem paradigm. Industry 4.0 is the turning point to the end of the conventional centralized applications. The Industry 4.0 environment will be covered in the lecture describing the so-called enabling technologies and systems over the manufacturing environment.